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What is CliqueCity ?

Cliquecity is an online platform offering facilities like listing business directory, classifieds, events, jobs, missing & obituary, reviews & columns. It can broadly be viewed as a website allowing people to widen their business reach in the market or enhance individual commercial/ social visibility through online advertisements.

What is MyCliqueCity ?

With myCliqueCity you can

- Manage your account

- Create business listings

- Manage business listings

- View notifications

How do I contact Cliquecity?

For membership inquires, business listing, advertisement request, pleases visit Cliquecity.comor call us at 9564006789

Why should I use Cliquecity?

Cliquecity is a data hub which provides the detail information of product and services absolutely free of cost and also provides an advertisement platform for both small and medium business establishments to make their presence felt online.

How do I find business, product or services in Cliquecity?

Type what you are looking for whether product, service or business establishment name in the search box of the home page.

How do Cliquecity assure that the information provided in the site is accurate?

Cliquecity back office team verifies the data that are available on the site on a regular basic so that accuracy and authenticity of data are maintain. The fresh data are also verified before being published on the site.

Account Management

How do I register with Cliquecity?

You have to fill the form containing basic information like first name, last name, email, address, and password and contact number.
Once you provide all the necessary information, you will receive a conformation mail and a link in the email that you provide.
Click on the link to complete the registration process.

Is my personal information secured?

Yes your personal information is absolutely secured. We do not share any of your personal information with third parties. To know more you can please read our privacy policy and still if you have any further enquiry please send as an email:

Yellow Page Business Listing

How do I send my business information for yellow page to Cliquecity?

You can send your business information through email i.e. Or At the footer section of the page yon can click the links “add your business”.

Do I have to pay for listing my business on the site?

No, listing your business on is absolutely free of cost.

How long will it take to upload my business listing in the website?

Approximately 5 minutes.

What do you mean by “own my business listing”?

It is one of the features in Cliquecity where the rightful owner has the full privileged to register their particular business listing with their respective email id.

If my business information is already there in Cliquecity, how will I own my business listing?

The rightful owner will have to click the button “own this listing “at the business instance popup.
After clicking the button, the owner has to fill the form containing full name contact number and email (the entire field are mandatory

What are the ways through which I own my business listing?

In order to own your business listing, you must have your business information listed in Cliquecity. There is only one way through which you can own your business listing i.e. by clicking the button” own this listing” at the business instance page.

How do I add a new business listing ?

To add a new business listing, you first need to be a member of CliqueCity.If you are a member, go to MyCliqueCity and under YellowPage section click "Add New Listing".Choose the default plan and follow instructions from Step 1 to 4 to complete the process of adding the listing. Once the process is complete the request would be sent to the administrator for approval.A notification would then be sent to confirm the approval or Rejection.

What do you mean by “manage business listing”?

This feature facilitates the registered user having their business information’s listed in Cliquecity, so that they can manage, update or remove their business listing information.

If I want to make any changes regarding my business listing, how will I make changes?

Initially the user must login with Cliquecity
Click on “My Cliquecity” button on the top right corner of the page.
A drop down menu will appear, so click on “My Profile” button.
Click on “manage listing” button.

What changes are allowed regarding my business listing?

Once the proprietor/business owner claims the listing, they can manage their account. The owner of the account/business listing can do the following operations regarding the listings:
Upload or delete business logo, business photo and photo gallery.
Edit or delete business listing (business name, owner name, contact number, address, email address
Maps(latitude and longitude)
Edit and delete product and services
Edit or update business description regarding the functionality of their core business.
Add new business listing.

If I want to refer Cliquecity to my friend, how will I refer?

You have to click on the “Share this listing” button on the business instance page.
A popup window will display where you have to fill your name, your friend’s email address and the message.

How long will my business listing are displayed in your website?

A business listing will be displayed until the business owner wants it to be removed.

Is there any provision for my customers to write review or comments about my business?

Yes, only the registered customers can write reviews or comment about your business

How quickly are reviews/comments posted on the site?

The reviews or comments will be posted as soon as it gets moderated by the back office team.

How do I respond to the reviews about my business?

You can click on “write a review” on the business instance popup.

Will rejects reviews? reserves the right to reject a review if it is in violation of the condition of use.

How do I rate or review a business?

Click the button on the results page or the “Write a review” on the business instance page.

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